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>> it helps understand why people spend millions to win jobs here and then.... >> once people come to d.c. they never leave. >> john: that is our show. i'm john stossel. thanks f >> welcome to reld eye, like saved by the bell and saved delight bell the piercing on my third nipple . filling in for the fox business edidentitior liz mcdonalted. >> does kim jong-un have to follow through on all of his threats to save face? i spray painted the word dork on stewart varny's door for the same reason . what the yoga and easter egg roll and what does jim carrey think of fox news and where i
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am getting loaded after the show. >> my dressing room. >> hit the margarita or tequilla bottle. >> we'll see you in a bit. we'll welcome our gests. she's so hot. criminal defense attorney reny spencer and i will meet you, too. and polarity was an air horn, it would be comedian joe derosa and recording his new album in the laughing skull in atlanta april 4th through 7th. i hope it is it a great title but it won't. paris is considered a flower pot . so tough he rents himself out as construction equipment. oh, yeah, sitting next to me u.s. army special forces. i am getting scared. terry chapert. that's the first.
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am telling hr, you will not let him out of here, greg. >> get used to it and he pulled the trigger to make himself look bigger. north korea continue to bluster . concern that north korea kim jong-un is backing himself back in a corner. trash talk and saving face. he prepared rockets to fire on south korea and u.s.. there he is . another shows him studying battle plans with u.s. main land strike plan. see it in the back. there it is. >> and close up show a black line with dc and left-sideand possible austin or austin. that they are also targeting hawaii. why they are i don't know .
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there is a broadcast of kim inside of his war room. >> [laughing] oh, oh, oh. >> we should be worried. the missiles do look like crayionings. terry should we go to war or would we go to war because this guy doesn't want to lose face. is this how war starts >> no, no. here's the thing. not are we china -- north korea is their (bleep) and does that make sense. >> great way to put it. >> because was that china will never allow north korea to ruin what they have. china right now owns us and love that we are distracted by north korea. we are wondering what china is
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doing to take our eye off of them. crayon missiles that is a real photo. we shouldn't be scared of that. but we should be scared of the back stuff that is going on >> i wonder if that -- you thought that was real. >> was it? >> no . you have a fragile ego like kim jong-un and let him pretend like he is okay? >> no, we shouldn't. no one stands toup the guy and you have the hair cut from ken play, right? here's what i don't get, i get the reason why we wouldn't do a first strike or start something. but how long do you put up with him running his mouth? >> you don't want to hurt him but he is basically saying he will bomb us and so what do
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you do when somebody really bombs you and you go like he did say he was going to bomb us and we didn't take seriously. maybe because people who bomb you don't tell you. they are going we are going to bomb you. no, you don't. >> you think you are giving him too much credit. he is 25 or 26 years old. how do we don't know it is not like a squazi video game. he's making threats he doesn't realize how it will box him in. i think we have to take him seriously . let him know we are going to honor our treatis and protect our allis and if he doesn't come from the u.s., we are there and we are showing the strength of our country and don't let him make the threats. >> bill answer the question better. he dated kim jong-un mid-90s. >> i said it. >> andine after you met in
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college, and it was a whirl wind romance. he was 15 years old and i only age of age spots . one of the things. the new south korea president, there is a tradition when there is a new leader in south korea they do that to test his mettle. this is a thing for them . so look at the big picture. baby huey and hasy the new guy with nukings. that's how f-ed up this is and that country. he called up in the 90 minute rally. and they yell out something. let's rip the puppet traitors to death. that was terrible. you jerkings. me not like you. >> the thing i find
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interesting how much jim is like goeffrey. >> that is. >> he is the punk king that needs to prove himself. >> he would burn the kingdom down to rule its ashes. >> exactly. he knows that he shouldn't have been king and he's bepeople. >> they are pure evil on that show. kim jong-un is like him but not as attractive. >> by the way, i am a military guy and all about killing first, no, i don't mean that, yes, i do. i do . i don't say put the guns down and say it is okay. if it is it a combat thing, in combat you don't tell people you are attacking. china loves this because it keeps us distracted and while they are doing their nefarous behind the scenes internet
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cracking. >> from missiles to misses, nail down a mate before you graduate. that is a princeton message. susan patent writes in an editorial in the school paper. the cornerstone of your future and happiness will be linked to the man you marry and you will never again have this concentration of men who are worthy of you. kind much a compliment. men rarely marry women who are younger and less educated and how forgiving they can be if she is exceptionally pretty. smarty women shouldn't marry men when they are intellectuals and they say they are not as smart as you. >> and he doesn't know you . he knew you were on the show. for more let's go live to the women's issue correspondant.
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>> aw. aw. will you quit? >> like i said. first gay marriage and now raccoons living with men. >> and the woman made a similar speech in the women'sal facility about you. saying that the best you will get is joe derosa traveling comic . one, two, three. predictable. thank you for sticking up for me. >> shut up. >> and look, as you know greg, i toured the prison circuit. that is. i am not ashamed to hit on the image afterwards. >> is she accurate or is she pompous. i don't think it is pompous at all. she is 110% right. most guys go for a body over a brain .
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there is nothing wrong with her saying your happiness is depending on who your life mate will be . people bury their nose in the books and don't think about the social aspects of college . no people skills. >> and everybody buries the book in college and are you telling me that. no, no, no. it -- that is i can't say it she calls them men in college . speaking of someone who went to college, i was an idiot in college. we were all idiots in college. i am speaking generally. people don't think that there is a real stake in the social aspect. >> you are right. >> they don't take time to learn it is a goof. >> people think about the career but not the future in their career. >> i love that the men are
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talking about the issue first. >> pipe doin're down for a second. greg. >> that there is nothing worse than a mouthy dame. >> forget the ivy league. only place they will find men. did she say anything inaccurate. >> noot what she said and i agree with everything she said. i don't think it is elitist but the reality of the situation. when you are in college you are forming relationship and learning how to socialize and learning what you want and need and not thinking about the next 20 or 30 or 40 years. if you are not coupled up by the time you go to college or graduate school you will not find someone so easily. you are going to have higher standards and expect more from your partner and the more i live more i expect. >> and i told you bill, i told you this when i met you in
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college. look at all of the squirrels on campus. remember you said that. >> you know every box is rabid. it is like more of a jerk when i on acid . you and i went to college together and not only that, i the only guy that not gay, and nothing. >> miss it out. >> sitting there and pointing with my face every day and say okay. nothing. >> for the record, we went to school together one year. >> that's all it takes. >> and didn't see each other for 15 years. >> i was trying to show you more of me. >> this did hampt >> it should have happened . by the way, shame on you. who is rem -- i have a career. >> look at me i shower
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regularly. >> you have been with a dude on fox news and look at you. >> that's true. >> a business card. >> i pay rent. i'm not done. >> you are done. you are right about that whoil part . social thing, you are correct. i take issue of the prince ton thing and they're great. elliott spitzer went to prince ton . i don't think all of the dudes at prince ton are -- >> but no, no. >> no, no. >> the sons are at prince ton. >> no, no, there is a lot . yeah, yeah, one at a time. >> what she is saying while you are in school. >> one at a time! >> and while you are in school with people you are the about the same academic and grade you will get to know each other and you get out in the world and there is so many people. >> i get that.
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there is it elititism about the princeton thing. >> no. (talking all at once.) >> i read it. let me just save it. i read it >> what she is saying, you are here because you deserve to be here . your equals are here and this is the biggest pool . you say that in any school you went to and you are with the peers and instead of burying the nose. it is unwatchable. >> and about how harted it is in there and look around and invest in this part of the your life, too. >> the smartest guys we have met and most of the those guys never went to princeton and a lot of didn't go to college. i get what she is saying. but -- >> they probably wouldn't end up with the upper crust from
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princeton. they may not connect on a number of levelings. >> i wouldn't care about the story. the fact that you end up with bill shultz is wrong. >> i go to the gym sometimes. there are two points i want to make out of there is something about the idea of suggesting that marry young, he is going to cheat on you and you will get his money. >> if you hook up with this guy and you will make millions and when he turns 50. he will go for a 25 year old and you will take the money and have the life. hate my collar . maybe you concentrate on getting the cream of the crop before you getold. >> i consider myself liberal and advanced and i am not necessarily a feminist and i don't find it offense itch at all. i am thren years old.
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i just turned 37 and idicated with a graduate degree and successful in my job and it is difficult to find something. >> i can hook you up with a guy who is gay and married. i know you can't have the straight guys and single guys . he's gay married and likes to shop and have fun. and the that women shouldn't have careers? >> are you serious? >> what is wrong with you. >> women stay home and not do anything . not have careers at all. >> do you believe me i said that. >> you are an idiot. i saw that muscle popping out. >> and you are that serious. >> it such a straight face. i know you. you are progressive and we got to take a break. >> what does the bail out meantime for the central bark
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of siprus. who cares, i will kill you with my toes. first, what does jim carrey think about fox news? you are assuming thinks.
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>> he's on the fence about fox newings. jim carrey released a video mock gun owners. we call them a tool and hypocrite and mocked him more and then the actor released an statement. since i released my cold dead hand i have (bleep) news rant and rave and slander me.
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we are mocking you about your video you moron. i would take them to task legally if i felt they were worth my time or that anyone with a brain in their head could actually foul for irresponsibility buffoonery. >> when you threaten legal action that's like somebody saying i will go call my daddy because i started a fight and you beat me up and i will go home and my daddy is going to come and you are getting in big trouble. that's the equivalent of threatening a lawsuit . because you are wealthy that means you a high powered lawyer and trying to inpeople. that would gain them far more attentiona which is what they carry b. the news is the last sort of journalist whoses are limited by the viewings. i was nice enough to print it
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. it if you have any -- >> that shock. i was with him. please don't sue me over that. joe, you are a comedian and must have admired the way he changed the letters in fox news. were we reacting to the political element or the content? >> look, i read up on this and saw that his stance he doesn't like assaults. so you don't like assault and not trying to slam jim carrey. i was excited to see bert wonderstone and then the video to bring in his take and it was none of it there. you were making fun of a broad-- like i am going to make fun of charlton heston.
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i am not a charlton heston fan either. >> dude, you are about to get a beating. >> it doesn't make me laugh. >> that is the thing. i love the fact that in this letter he calls us bullies. >> and intolerant, too. >> and actually after making fun much all gun owners and any american with a drawl and he dances charlton heston's grave and we pointed out. we are the bullies. this is it a coward. the thing i enjoy the most about this is that why got to him. >> you know what he did. he took out the o out of fox and put in a u. >> why did he misspell it. >> it makes him look stupid, bill. >> we have spell check people, use it >> they talk english don't they. >> he may have wrote it
11:24 pm
quickly. >> the publicist let him do the press release? >> he surrounded himself with so many yes men, the publicist are loosely named if possible. it doesn't take a lot to become a publicist. yeah, i think he's surrounded him with people. >> i think you are right, greg. best part about the press release you got to him and he's listening to what is said on fox news and radio and readings about it and he took the time to try to be funny. his press release is one . funnier things and took time to be witty and nasty and he sort of started the bullying and mockery of others and now calling those others the bullies. >> every time they mock fox news and it happens. president said the same thing
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and his staff said it is not a real news network. half of the country watches the network and are idiots and insulting a large portion of americans and we are making fun much you and you suck and it is you intolerant. >> it is for people you don't deal with. it is like me saying i hate msnbc. ip hate the people who watch it. that is not true. 90 percent of the people i work with watch msnbc. >> you don't want them to be shut down. they want fox news to be shut down. >> i don't caver what you lean politically. >> most americans don't. >> i realm don't care. i think from is good and bad on every side of the argument. these guys that go fox news is evil. say that, fine. but don't subscribe to any fox
11:26 pm
things. don't watch -- the simpson's anymore. take a stance if you take a stance. >> these guys are real evil but the forp're corporation itself. >> if you are in middle america and you have a drawl and like guns get off your ass and stop watching jim carrey moves. it is the same thing. >> i got to get bill on this. should we try to declare a truce? i feel so bad? >> i feel like he's such a pot filled smog. the minute we get him to apologize he will not know what we are talking about . threatening to sue fox news is equivalent of kim jong-un threatening to strike america. >> and on that note excellent.
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>> and that is it the name of your drink. topical call back. >> it is the topical solution. >> i think jim carrey is a talented guy. >> he totally is. >> but waunce - once again. >> it is mystery out of it. >> i don't want to know. >> be like sarah and build mystery. >> exactly. and such ape fan of this guy. i can't believe the guy who made ace ven terria made all of these moviings. >> he could care a less about you. >> you don't know that. >> he's still not following you on twitter. >> i know. neither is gregg. >> and i can follow you. >> it was a joke. >> okay, i apologize. you have a comment on the show e-mail us it is red eye in fox
11:28 pm you have a video of your animal doing something interesting go to fox news/redeye. still to come half time report from great liz mcdonald. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by chocolate. it is made from seed and mixed with cocoa butter and milk. thanks, chchchchch
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you realize that 49 million americans struggle with hunger? that's one out of every 6 americans. these people are around us every day. they're our friends, they're our coworkers, their kids go to school with our kids. sometimes we're not even aware that they're struggling. this problem is closer than you think, but so is the solution. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank.
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>> we are back and let's find out more from liz mcdonald. >> i am impressed with you. you got north korea's population nearly correct. you said 38 and it is 28 million. >> i said 30. >> it is about 30 right. >> yes, that is right. you are concerned about north korea's bomb but they have made these threats since 1992 and every time there is a new leader in south korea. why are they worried about the missile. have you seen it, it is like follow egg gat in a hurricane and a bug's bunny cartoon. >> we came in look for example take. we are not a real news show. >>ee with are trying. >> it is like a before picture in a viagra commercial. >> [laughing] okay, i will keep that visual
11:33 pm
and think of it at 3:00 in the morning. >> didn't know where that joke was going. >> it is all viagra. >> joe, you said kim jong-un and his hair cut looks like kid in play. it looked more like miley cyrus. >> when i saw that i thought of kit and play and they are all together. >> i am with you. >> shaved on the asked mousse on top. >> it is not a good look. i don't know how terry feels about that. but i want to get to the princeton story and talk to remy about this. you said you agreed with everything that the letter writer in princeton said. how do we know it is not an april fool's joke? >> i suppose it could be. i think this is what a lot of high school and college age girlings are told by their mother and is telling it to the masses.
11:34 pm
>> i have a follow-up in her letter she said princeton women almost priced ourselves out of the market. how much do they q. for on the market right now? >> i don't know the answer to that. but i bet one of my brothers do. they are intelligent and successful and we would assume coming from good families and a catch. >> like three dates. >> i want to ask terry about he knows a lot of people. he talked about spitszer being a graduated. a limited population men smart as princeton men. what about the harvard men. >> i never taught thought about that. that is an ivy league school, too. >> terry, you made a good comment about elliott spitzer and bill, you said you went to school with remi and you
11:35 pm
didn't get action from remi. how much action did you get at princeton? >> i will let that go over to the audience. it emerson and like a poor man's nyu. >> there is a lot of colleges that pride on the alumni and everything about emerson makes them cringe and regurgitate you like a cat bugger. >> oh, that is interesting. ni was going to tell you that brook shields went to princeton and so did meg whitman. can we get quickly to jim carrey. gregg, he said that we viciously and meaning fox news. viciously slandered and what way do we speak falsely about jim carrey. that's what slander means? >> i don't know. because before we said
11:36 pm
anything, he had observingly said that charlton heston had a small penis because he had a gun. that's the point of his song and all gun owners have small genitalia and that strikes me as slander. >> seems that way . on his website for the song. you know, this is just a funny little song and so what is he getting so het up in reaction? >> he tweeted the song like here's to you and m-f(bleep) and hahahaand getting ready to insult a group of people and it came back and he didn't know how to handle it. >> terry, i want to talk to you. in his video. jim carrey's videohe put the letter u in fox. i got to tell you. i delighted and felt elevated
11:37 pm
and enlightened by this debate. i thought he made alec baldwin look like a savant. >> it funny, i was reading it and yes, he put the u in and thought it clever. >> it was. >> and i almost missed it. >> you know, i tweeted something based on a jim carrey tweet. he writes f-percentage sign and astrick dash k and if you are an adult and use symbols you are a f-(bleep) child . then it is okay. >> joe, i want to say with the point you made it a hackneyed performance and felt like public acess and charlton heston made that comment about dead cold hands comment indicating back to 1976, what do you make of that?
11:38 pm
>> i think it is done . i don't care if a joke is in poor taste. if it is funny, it is funny. i am not a big charlton heston fan and i didn't like the reaction of iced tea but i was on his side when michael moore put the picture at his house and taking advantage much a guy who clearly had althiemers. heap's been dead forever. >> he is essentially saying it is evil for anybody to pull the trigger. what about a home invasion and person gregg noted waiting for the cops to show up and need to defend themselves, is that person just as evil? >> no, when i read up to jim carrey's stance it sounds like he is against assault riflings. you can be supporting guns and be against some of the guns. he made ape general shot at
11:39 pm
southern/middle america. >> i hear what you are saying, the final question. you noted it he is around publicist and armed guards and don't have a hund rounds of bullet. how is that publicist going to deal with jim carrey starring in a violent kf-2. >> what? >> kiss f2. >> it would be about public i felt. >> that's what i meant. >> no, he certainly put himself in a corner and i would row commend people don't see that movie. i am against that. >> and there is a lot of guns and kiss ass. >> how many guns are in the movie kiss ass 2. >> kick -- kick, kick. i can't tell. >> okay, it is his public i felt. >> it is it a super hero movie and not just fighting, they
11:40 pm
are gunings. >> i thought you all made terrific points and i will give it back to greg g. >> she comes armed for bear and terrific job. i don't know what that means. how do you talk to an angel. >> how do you hold them close. it is a story that steeve doocy sent me last night. get a grip. >> internet turned into a lot of punk kids. fout of the your ears.
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>> is the internet like junior high? experts like janet who believes the web is perpetual childhood it explains the internet and digital media have produced a petter pana and we are're children and
11:44 pm
never responsible for anything . the web is chocka block with would-be clicks and all babies. it is restraint and that is one. signs of adult hood and our culture is celebrating a lack of constraint. that is evaporate really uncool. >> you know, janet. you are uncool. yes, that is my way of saying. you are a man child? >> yes, i am. >> experts say the internet reward said the emotional over the irerational. have you found it to be true you stupid little jerk? >> yes, predictable slam. the internet does and it is zero rationality in places where you post these things and what bothers me it
11:45 pm
perpetsates. >> it is the stuff we don't want to let go of. we'll meet in the wood and try the new drug called ice. see what happens. >> we have left out the best part of clickings . then remi. has social media change the way you think in the real world? >> i am not sure, i find myself questioning it and i spend days and nights at home on the computer. >> and no, the truth is, i think that there are people who are losing their connection to others because of social media and acess to strangers on the internet and feeling and not necessarily real . you say in the green room, gregg, that the twitter and they are great equalizers and i believe that. no matter how rich or famous or beautiful or handsome you
11:46 pm
are, somebody, -- >> thank you. >> like a 16 year old can get a response from jim care ye-- i mean someone like jim carrey can be brought down to real earth and real life from the high horse that he's on through a complete stranger in 180 characterings. >> or 140. >> the other thing, too. internet media and legal system. you can do and say things on the internet where there is it no physical ramification. if i insult someone i better be able to back it up. now you can be in boxer short and hurl insults and threats and nothing happens. >> you were insulting and didn't know terry. >> you know radio head is better than you . i hope you die.
11:47 pm
>> and then you show up . and he comes through the window. >> i am not like that. i am a nice guy . i always say that. i think a lot of guys, but as a man, you would never act like that. >> and of course, bill maeur. he called sarah palin the c-word. i spemed it. if youment to be cool, go to alaska and knock on the palin house and when todd answers the door your wife is this. you would pay for that. >> it is worse on the internet. because anonity gives more courage. >> bill, the internet. >> the internet and i have never gotten along. i have given up trying to erase the wikipedia page .
11:48 pm
i still voluntary had ape facebook page for that reason. i am remi i am an out doors guy. i am homeless and lots of hobbies. throwing it out there. >> we'll take a break . [ buzzer ] hot dog? i'm buying. i'll use my capital one venture card with double miles you can actually use to fly any airline anytime. ♪ what are you doing? i'm saving one for later. my body keeps it warm. it's like a little hot dog steamer in there. go ahead, touch my chest. no. ♪ what's in your wallet? you got any mustard in there? ♪
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>> stay stretch and he resurrect. children will be doing yoga at the white house easter egg roll on monday as the president and michelle obama included a yoga garden. it has a theme of be healthy and active and you and be muslim secretly? kidding, kidding, kidding. the parents can look forward to eating habits and exercise with activity zone. the fun event has turned in a fat cat . two legged eastern goat was not invited .
11:53 pm
that ask magical. that is impeach. that is a little harsh. weep don't know if we can do the east every egg hunt. we'll have rich people's hobbies. it is. by the way it is not just a rich people hobby and not a sport. reni, you do yoge a. nno, i have a funny story and i tried to yoga once and you go in there and make you take the shoes and shots and dim the lights and nice music. that's the last thing i remember before people were giving me dirty lookings. >> you were snoring? >> i am sure i. >> and so no, what is this? it doesn't seem very american to me . let them jump rope or do the
11:54 pm
hulla hoop. >> you are turning into archy bunker. in is not a sport. you can go home and breathe slowly and stretch. really? yoga keeps you in shape but let the kids play. >> it is all stretching and not like pilates . i know people who do it instead of the gym. >> it is stretch i don't care it is it a easterp egg . they're buzz kills white house. it is it a hunt. leave the kids. >> buzz kill obama. that his nickname in college. >> precious obama looks like captain no fun. >> i will give michelle obama stuffing that healthy kid agenda down the throats of america's children and should be full of patriotic mcdonalds
11:55 pm
hamburgers and makes mement to -- >> i am glad we changed his mind. >> this is a big night for everyone. >> one at a time. >> that is one mind at a time. >> that's all it takes. >> one mind and one behind. >> and we are closing things out with a post game rapper from liz mcdonald. go to fox eye.
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nbrand new red eye returns on monday. guest include diane and cend cebbed -- kennedy and anthony. back to you liz mcdonald for the post game wrap up. breaking news. white named jim carrey the un
11:59 pm
embassy to north korea and first lady is announcing the easter egg hunt is easter white egg and brook li. >> i will be touring in the southern united states . i think that is i will be recording my new cd. >> remy you were on a super lawyer list? >> super lawyer in new jersey and this super lawyer wants to say happy holiday. >> terry? >> go to we'll talk about that. >> oh, what is that. >> persecution report.organd come back to talk to me. >> it is a bandage site. >> it is. >> it is not. liz, well done. >> happy easter and happy pass over. >> can i

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